Item of the Month

A Life Saving Invention, Developed in Wirksworth

When disasters strike around the world a device assembled in Wirksworth saves millions of lives.

The Rotary Club Of Wirksworth created the charity Aquabox in 1992 to assemble pumps able to provide clean drinking water in a crisis. They pumps they developed transform dirty and contaminated water into clean, safe drinking water for an entire family. At the core of the pump is a filter containing billions of tiny holes. Each is just big enough for water molecules to pass through but too large for dirt, bacteria or viruses to squeeze through. 

Each year hundreds of boxes containing pumps and other humanitarian aid items are dispatched for Wirksworth and sent all over the world. The pumps are designed to be reusable with some still operations after over a decade of use. 

You can discover more about world changing inventions, science and technology in our new exhibition, Wirksworth Centre of the Universe.

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